Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Expository Thoughts of a Three-Year-Old

This morning we read Psalm 128 in our family devotions.

1 Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways.
2 When you eat of the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.
3 Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house, your children like olive plants around your table.
4 Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord.

Upon hearing this, Hannah blurted out:

"Look! One of the olive plants is having some grapes!!!" --- referring to the fact that Mommy was nursing Caleb.

After rather amazed laughter on Peter and my part, and continuing giggles from the girl (who was quite pleased that she had told a really good joke), we sat there amazed that not only is she listening, but understanding, analyzing, AND developing a sense of humor. To God be the glory.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Behind me, Peter is teaching Hannah to play chess. These are a few things I've heard so far:

Peter: "Your queen can move, here, here, here, here, or here. What do you want to do?"

Hannah: "Here."

Peter: "Whoa. That was sneaky. That was a good move!"


Hannah: "Can our knights kiss each other?"

Peter: "Ah, no."


Hannah: "Hey look! These two knights are twins!"


Peter: "Check."

Hannah: "Where can I put my queen to keep it from getting killed?"

Peter: "Well, here."

Hannah: "I don't want the game to be over. How about if I say 'Check?' Where can I move my king? I want to be safe."


I should be taping this...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Housing Drama

In case you're wondering, our house has not yet sold. In case you're further wondering, Dream House did sell...to someone else. In case you're wondering how we're doing with this development, I'd say we're OK. We prayed that God would open or shut the doors, and He has. Everything is going to be OK. We just don't know what Plan B is.

All this has got me thinking that really what we really need to discover is God's Plan A. Our Plan A was apparently not His Plan A. That's OK. We're walking by faith. He's got our best interest in mind. He will reveal it. Everything is going to be OK.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Pumpkin Patch

Things have been so busy here, that I haven't sat down to blog in quite a while!

The kids (of course) loved it. As I could not get them to hold still for a photo, this was my favorite candid one. Daniel and his friend Matthew are examining a real-live caterpillar on the stem of Daniel's pumpkin. (Can you see how entralled he is? You should see him when we dig up a worm in our garden!)

We began at Pumpkin Class, learning the various stages of pumpkin growth. Did you know that the base of a pumpkin is where the flower once was, and now is withered off? Then we went for a hay ride around the farm. Next was the petting zoo. I don't think I've ever seen the cattle equivalent of a Shetland pony until last month! There were horses, goats, rabbits, turkeys, sheep, chickens, ducks, you name it. From there everyone got a chance to choose any pumpkin they could carry out from the 3 acre of pumpkin patch.

I think Hannah's favorite was the petting zoo. She loves animals, and Papa came along and bought her some feed for the animals. She was delighted. :-)

Even Caleb loved all the excitement!

Can't wait till next year...