Saturday, January 31, 2009

A True Psalm 51 Moment

I caught Daniel sitting on top of Caleb's head, which Caleb did not at all appreciate and Daniel knew it. So, Daniel was given a time out. After a few minutes, I asked Daniel if he was sorry for what he did. "Yes," he said. Then, in an earnest, commanding tone I said, "okay, you may get up, but you must express sorrow to your brother and show him that you are genuinely sorry for what you did and show gentleness and kindness to him. Are you ready to do that?" "Yes," he said.

So he gets up and walks over to Caleb and yells, "SORROW!" at him. His task being accomplished, he went on to play with a toy in another part of the yard.

So, now I am having a difficult time figuring out how to instruct him further because I am laughing too hard.

The Philosophy of Love

Random comments heard by Hannah this morning:

"Love is a pink liquid that when it dries it becomes as skinny as paper and turns red in a heart shape and stays inside someone until they put it into a love slingshot to put that into another person."

Friday, January 30, 2009

Pictures of the Month

Hannah, with her doll, Liberty

Daniel, in the only position I could get him to hold still for a photo

Caleb, sweet as ever

Abby, with emerging personality ;-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hannah's Calendar

Hannah has big plans for this upcoming year. In fact, all of her plans are set for one week out of the year. Here is the transcription, spelling and all:

Monday, Sept. 4
Daddy hopefullee will retire and will have billions of dollars and spend most of his time at the house, or anywere the family gos on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wedsdays, Thrsdays, Fridays, and Saterdays.

Tuesday, Sept. 5
Mommy hopefullee will not have to nurse Abigail any times so that she does not feel tired all the time. Then she will not have to get very tired on her acount. Then she will be like magic! She will weane the baby.

Wednesday, Sept. 6
Perfect! Wedsdays are my favorite days of the week and my age is six! This is my faverite day. I love a day sometimes and I hate a day sometimes. So a quarter of Wedsdays I hate sometimes.

Thursday, Sept. 7
Daniel hopefullee will start scool in kindegarten for Mommys tests. He will work in math first. He will work in Math.U.See I will feel happy for him, very happy for him forever.

Friday, Sept. 8
Caleb hopefullee will finish being potty trained forever and ever and no more rewards! Great! I have allways, wanted him to finish it! I will feel happyer for him than ever forever and ever.

Saturday, Sept. 9
Abigail hopefullee will learn to walk and talk. Thats how she learns to get around and play. I allways hope Abby will grow up into a wise young lady.

Sunday, Sept. 10
Twins hopefullee will be due or a bit early, and be born. I would prefer the twins due than a bit early tho.

(Disclaimer - the last day is just as hopeful as all the other days, and is not to be taken as an announcement!)