Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sick, but Happy

Late this week, everyone but Peter came down with runny noses and sore throats. Yuck! Nothing like a spring bug... I'm still not sure if it is allergies or colds, but Hannah is better today, so that is a step in the right direction! Even though we weren't feeling 100%, we spent most of the day outdoors, getting fresh air, Kleenex in tow.

Last year Peter gave up his beloved Saturday basketball game to spend the day working around the house and being home with the kids. It was his decision, and it wasn't easy. I used to refer to it as "Sacred Basketball," because nothing could interfere with it! Since then, we have loved having Daddy home on Saturday mornings. Here are some photos of our day:

Daddy spending time on the couch with Hannah. They are perusing her Schleich (little resing figures) catalog. I'm sure she is telling him all about Hanoverian mares, or something else he's never heard of. She is quite a horse authority these days...
Daniel got a lesson yesterday on how to hold a baby. This is Rachel, Hannah's beloved (almost) antique doll. I couldn't believe she was letting him hold it, but she was about a breath away from grabbing her back at any moment - just like a mommy with a real newborn. They have been practicing for when we have our baby. It looks like he's starting to get it! They both want a sister.

We let Hannah stay up and play outside in the afternoon while we continued our projects. (She's used to having some quiet time.) At one point, I sent her to her room for a time out. After a few minutes, I noticed that it was very quiet down the hall, and went to investigate. This is what I found...Sleeping Beauty. I think she went to hide in her closet, and fell asleep while she was waiting for us to come look for her! It had been a long day!
This is a shot of the boys right now. Hannah and Daddy went to church, but the boys and I were still under the weather. They are watching a video. Look how big Caleb is getting! Actually, it is just that he's sitting up straight and Daniel is slouching. See who's toes are sticking out?
More to come later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Peter surprised me recently with an anniversary cruise to Mexico! My gracious parents took care of our children, while we went to San Diego, CA, Catalina Island, CA, and Ensenada, Mexico. It was the first cruise either of us had taken, and we had such a special time together. Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse...
The sunset on our first night at sea
Our first port to dock in was in San Diego. We toured the USS Midway, a retired Naval aircraft carrier. It was amazing to see. I have a new respect for our military! The amount of engineering involved in making a floating war machine was staggering to me. The men and women who serve on these vessels live in unbelievably tight quarters, with a strict regimen. They don't do it for the fun of it, I'm sure. The bunks were 3 beds high, and I don't think you could even turn over. There were probably 20 people to a room about the size of our master bedroom. Below is a side view as we approached the ship. The part sticking out is an elevator for moving the aircraft from the flight deck to below. It was, like I said, truly amazing...
This is me trying out the cockpit of one of the aircraft. It was tight quarters!

This is me on top of the flight deck. I'm standing in front of one of the types of aircraft that flew off the Midway. I think this one is a Tomcat. My grandpa used to fly something like this off aircraft carriers many years ago. While touring this ship I couldn't help thinking of him, remembering stories I'd heard about his experiences. They say that landing on the ship at night is one of the most stressful experiences. At night there is virtually no light on the deck, and you have about a 40 foot space on which to touch down, in what can basically be called a "controlled crash." There is a hook that the plane has that catches a cable to make it stop, so that it doesn't just go straight into the ocean. The pilot makes the landing at full throttle, so if they miss the cable they can take off again and make another attempt. All this takes place in a matter of seconds. I think they said that they used to have a take off or landing in as little as 4 minutes apart! And...all this on a ship that is going up and down and side to side at the same time. They said that the stress level on the pilots is lower when they encounter enemy combat, than when they have to land at night. Wow.
Me and my one and only! We took walks on the deck every night after dinner. The food was amazing. Not only was it delicious, it was served to me! I didn't have to cut up anyone else's food, Peter and I could carry on a conversation without any interruptions, and someone was standing there all the time refilling my water and offering me more bread! And...I didn't have to do one single dish. Now that's a vacation!!!

Our second stop was Catalina Island. We had planned to go kayaking in the ocean and then take a glass-bottom boat tour, but the wind was too strong for any small vessels to be allowed out of the harbor. Instead we went shopping, and rented a golf cart and toured the island. This is a view looking down on the city of Avalon.

Our third stop was Ensenada, Mexico. We went to this place called La Bucadora. I don't know what it means, but it was an outdoor market right on the cliffs of the ocean. Here is a Mexican "zebra."

Outside the market is something they call "the Blowhole." The tide was too low for us to see its wonders, but I understand that when the tide comes in the waves really kick up the side of the mountain there.

How could I leave out the dancing waiters? Every night they would have something special. On the last night they came out parading with Baked Alaskas on their heads!

Happy Anniversary, Dear! Thank you for a lovely, special vacation. I love you!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We were walking past a car in a parking lot recently. The car had a cover which is sometimes used after a new paint job. Daniel asked, "Is that a blanket on the car?" Hannah replied, "They must have termites!"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bad to the Bone!

This is Caleb who loves to wear his sunglasses, even when it is dark out.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

USS Midway

The picture with a carrier closer is the Midway. The one in the distance is the new USS Regan. It apparently came in last night. I am not sure if the photo shows this, but most of the planes are on deck. The tour of the Midway was fascinating.


I am taking Debra on a short cruise for our anniversary. This is a photo of the cruise boat. We are currently in San Diego and toured the USS Midway this afternoon. I'll pst a picture of that when I get a chance.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quotes of the Day

In case you missed it in an older post, we are expecting a baby in September! This has made for much conversation around here...

Hannah: "If it is a girl, I think we should name it Gloria. Gloria is such a beautiful name. Don't you think?"

Mommy: "Gloria is a lovely name. I like it too. I'll talk to Daddy about it."

Hannah: "Well, if we can't name her Gloria, how about Grace? Grace is a nice name too."

Mommy: Trying to figure out where this is going..."Yes, Grace is a lovely name too. Did you know that your name means 'grace?' We wouldn't want to have two "Graces" would we?"

Hannah: "No. But Gloria or Grace will be her name."

Mommy: "Why did you pick those two names?"

Hannah: "Because they are "G" names. G is my favorite letter! Don't you think that G is a fun letter to write?"

Leave it to Hannah to name the child for her favorite letter of the alphabet. And who would have known that she even would have a favorite letter?!


Here's one from Daniel while eating breakfast yesterday...

"Mommy put pretty ribbons on the walls!!!"

I decided on a whim to redecorate the kitchen (I'm definitely in my second trimester). The "ribbons" are the paint masking around the edges. I'm glad he likes the transitory decor!


And another from Hannah, who apparently had her mind wandering during devotions...

Turning her shoulders toward Mommy while whispering..."Mommy look! Four days of puffed sleeves in a row!!!"

We just finished reading and then watching Anne of Green Gables together...