Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What They're Saying

Hannah...Today in ballet while doing "butterfly" warm-ups, the instructor asked each girl where they were "flying" to. Typical answers were things like "Grandma's house," "Disneyland," "my friend's house," etc. Until we get to Hannah. "Hannah, where are you flying today?" Without skipping a beat we hear "I'm flying to a meeting house in Spain where we are meeting to discuss taking back Mexico as one of our own." Totally random...

Daniel...Today in choir the director began to clean the white board. All of a sudden Daniel blurts out "Watch out for those DANGEROUS CHEMICALS!!!" All the parents giggled. Mrs. Clark tried to assuage his fears by explaining that it is only water by flipping the bottle around and reading the label - in Spanish. Now my Spanish isn't great, but even I was able to understand the "flammable" warning! As if this isn't enough, a girl in the front row began to freak out over the whole idea and started yelling "I need safety goggles!" It caused quite such a stir that the director just abandoned cleaning the board altogether. Sorry about that Mrs. Clark! Daniel also got to sing a little solo this morning. She gave him the microphone, but he certainly did NOT need it. This guy has got lung power.

Caleb...speaking of singing, he has the sweetest singing voice. I just melt whenever he sings. But on to the real news: Caleb has recently become potty trained! Do I hear shouts of relief and gratefulness? (Oh wait, that's me.) This is nothing short of an answer to prayer! God knew that his mommy NEEDED this to happen. He is doing great! He also became aware of one big lack in his life this past weekend. Peter took me out on a date, but Caleb wanted to come along. I explained that it was just for Mommy and Daddy and that when he got married he could take his wife out for a date. "Oh no!" he exclaimed "I don't have a wife!" Not yet little one, not yet...

Abby...thinks she is a big kid. She tries to keep up with the bigger kids and she's pretty good at it. It helps that she has a very large vocabulary for a 16 month old. She is especially fond of bath time, raisins, and making messes. She is our little delight.

Did I mention yet that Baby #5 is on the way? He is apparently destined to be a soccer player. We haven't heard any words from him yet, but if he's anything like the rest of us, he'll have a lot to say.