Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dangerous Toilet Incident - or - Another Reason I Love Being My Kids' Mommy

This afternoon there was a loud crash during quiet time. I dropped my project and went running down the hall as I heard a gasp for air followed by a moan and LOUD crying. Apparently ___________ (name withheld because someday they are going to be as embarrassed as all get out), took an "extended potty visit" and - fell asleep on the toilet. The crash was what happened when said anonymous child (hereinafter "SAC") fell on the floor headfirst, pants down, and was then very confused, somewhat embarrassed, hurting, and altogether not happy about such a rude awakening.

Grateful that the bathroom door was not locked, I rushed in, scooped up SAC, helped them get dressed again, and soothed lots of tears in the process. Then I carried SAC to the couch, and with lots of cuddles, SAC fell asleep in my arms for the rest of quiet time.

As I lay there trying not to giggle I couldn't help thinking that someday this will be a special memory, because SAC rarely naps anymore, and never on Mommy. It was one of those times I love, a funny moment when only Mommy can save the day.

But if you're ever staying at our house, please try to stay awake in the bathroom.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Lesson in Caleb's Waffles

We usually have waffles on Wednesdays here. Lest you think I am a domestic diva who actually takes real time to make homemade waffles on a school morning, I will qualify that to explain that we have warmed up frozen Eggo waffles with store bought smoothie yogurt on top on Wednesdays, because beginning readers like the alliteration of "Waffles on Wednesday!"

Our toaster oven (not the drop-in kind) comfortably fits 3 round waffles, and bulges the door open with 4. With 5 people eating the waffles, you can imagine that there is often some wait time involved...

Here is what I heard:

Caleb: Mommy, may I please have more waffles?

Me: Yes, Caleb. They're cooking right now.

(No more than 4 seconds later) Caleb: Mommy, can I please have more waffles?

Me: Of course, Caleb. They're cooking right now. Would you like to watch for the light to go off?

Caleb: No, I would like another waffle.

Me: OK, just wait while they're cooking.

Caleb: Mommy, may I please have another waffle?

And so it went on and on, for the entire 2 minutes it takes for a waffle to toast.

Aaaaaahhhh! I thought, after going through this every 4 seconds. Just listen to me! I WANT you to have waffles! I'm cooking them as we speak! You must be patient!

And then it dawned on me...How often is this the way I pray to God? I keep telling Him over and over what I need. Like He doesn't know. Like He hasn't anticipated my need before I even spoke it - the first time - just like I put those crazy waffles in before Caleb even finished his previous waffle. Like He doesn't care - even more than I care to feed my precious children!

How many times do I think I know what I need, and that I need it NOW. Maybe He's just cooking it all up as I speak?! Maybe He's already got it ready, and He's just waiting for ME to be ready?! It's OK to learn to be patient isn't it? He knows best!

On the other hand, I think He wants us to ASK Him for what we need and/or want. When my children want something from me, I want them to ask, and ask politely and respectfully. Around here, demanding gets you nothing but a big fat NO from Mommy. I'm sure God is more gracious than I am, but I'm also convinced that even though He knows our need and has prepared all good things from before the beginning of time, He wants us to ASK Him, and do it respectfully.

As the waffles toasted and my mind warmed all these thoughts, I took the time to speak my thoughts to the kids. They looked at me with their glazed look of "Mom is spouting on her soapbox again, and all we want are waffles," but I'm praying that someday it will mean something to them. Maybe someday they will want to be married, and God hasn't brought the right spouse into their lives yet. He's not necessarily saying NO, but maybe "Wait while the waffles are cooking! You don't want soggy waffles anyway!" Maybe it will be something else, I don't know.

But in the meantime kids, don't fret the wait. In the end, it won't seem that it was so long of a wait after all.