Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a Week!

This is a crazy week. If you think of us, please keep us in your prayers!

On Tuesday, the barn was demolished.

On Wednesday, the foundation of the barn was ripped out.

On Wednesday the tree crew (finally) showed up and pulled out the trees that needed to be removed for my parents' new home.

Thursday (today), the Wonderful Werzinskis came and packed up everything for our house for...

The the termite fumigation on Friday!

The termites are a story in themselves. The only thing we can pass on to the world by way of advice is that the home inspections they do for termites are worth about as much as the paper they print them on. When you buy a home, you have to have a termite certification. This means that the inspector comes and looks for the pests and/or damage done by them. It does not mean that you don't have any pests or damage, OR that they can at all be liable for saying that you DON'T have any, even if you do. It just means they didn't see any.

Well, back in July, six months after we moved in, we discovered termite fecal pellets inside the house. The look like yucky little very hard things (they eat wood, you know). We called the people that certified the house. They came out and said 'Yep, you've got 'em. We'll fumigate you for a few thousand dollars.' Termites are great business!

Long story short, the tent goes up when exterminators come tomorrow. I can't believe I'm sitting here typing this, except that the Wonderful Werzinskis came and double bagged and sealed up every food item, medicine item, everything that might make it into one's mouth and/or be ingested, stripped all the beds (the vinyl mattress covers trap the gas), watered the ground around the foundation 12 inches out and 6 inches deep (to protect the plants near the house), and were just basically their wonderful selves. Thank you Werzinskis!

Since the only thing not packed is part of a lasagna, dinner is ready! All I have left to do is iron a few clothes for the kids for Sunday, and throw a few things in a suitcase for Peter and I!

Thank you to those of you who have helped in various ways, lending hands and PRAYING for grace and strength for this week. We're gonna make it! Please continue to hold us up in your prayers. God is so good.

The Barn is Down

Some of you know that my parents are getting ready to sell there lovely home in the city to come live in our back pasture. (It is not quite as bad as it sounds.) They have purchased a beautiful and spacious double wide mobile home, which should arrive sometime around Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!

In preparation, there are many things that needed to pave the way, so to speak - among them, the demolition of our charming (if dilapidated) barn.

On Tuesday morning, this is what it looked like:

Then this Bad Boy showed up:

This is what we looked like, faces pressed against the gate:

This is what it did to the barn:

This is what it looked like on Wendesday evening:

For those of you who don't currently read toddler boys' books, this giant machine is called an excavator. Daniel says "ours" is different though, because "ours" has a giant claw arm, like Diesel 10 (from Thomas the Tank Engine). He's become quite the construction worker this week, running around with his little hard hat, digging up everything. That's our boy!

We'll keep you posted when the space gets filled with my parents' new garage.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Seeing the Light of Hope

I just finished reading the headlines of several major news sites, and have determined the news today to be in accord with the weather outside: bleak.

I was just about to be feeling down over the fact that our governor has just signed into law that boys can use girls restrooms at school now (to help those with gender identity confusion) (, that Algore has just won the Nobel Peace Prize (, that Turkey is set to go after the Kurds as well (,2933,301748,00.html), together with countless other quagmire news, when I remembered one joyful moment today...

Peter and I decided to put away the Jonah Veggie Tales movie, because Hannah is starting to think that that is exactly the way the Bible records the story. When she was looking for it, I explained that we were going to put it away for a while until she and Daniel knew the REAL story of Jonah in the Bible better than the characterization by the cartooned vegetables.

She didn't complain. Instead, she quietly went to the bookshelf and pulled down her Bible. She asked me to help her find Jonah. When I was delayed, she decided to read 2 Kings 2 instead. To hear her read the story of Elijah being caught up to heaven, and Elisha insisting on a double portion of Elijah's spirit, with perfect clarity and inflection, I had to sit down and quell the tears. She asked pertinent questions demonstrating that she was trying to understand this supernatural event, and continued through the chapter. What a beautiful picture it was, and what a blessing to have a sweet hearted daughter who has amazing phonetic ability beyond her years - she is 4 years old!

My children are young. They need to be shielded and protected and trained now. But I hope that one day our little arrows will pierce the darkness of the world with the Light of Hope that is our Lord. There is hope for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daniel Quotes of the Day

Daniel is becoming quite the conversationalist. He's three now, and he's proving that he's not going to be outdone by his big sister. Here is a snapshot of his thoughts:

"I go play with my big big trains for 44 minutes!" 44 minutes is eternity to this 3 year old.

"Asteroids are rocks that orbit the sun." He's right! He explained this after viewing a brand new planets placement. I asked him how he knew this, and he said "Hannah told me!" Apparently, homeschooling has a trickle-down effect...

And our most recent favorite --- "THANK you, Hannah, that was very kind of me!!!" He is mixing up 'of' and 'to,' but that just makes it all the more endearing!

We love you, Daniel!