Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ode to a Chicken, by Hannah

Another of Hannah's chickens passed away recently, this one named "Carol." Peter and I can't tell the chickens apart, but Hannah has got them all figured out, apparently by the markings on their wings and necks. She spends quite a bit of time each day talking to them, urging them to get better, take a drink, eat some food, stop pecking each other, or whatever she thinks would help the most at the moment.

At Carol's death, Hannah recited her own Eulogy for a Chicken, which went something like this:

Carol the Chicken,
Was a good chicken.
We loved her,
And she gave us eggs.

Carol the Chicken,
Was a good chicken.
She was kind to the other chickens,
And was my friend.

Carol the Chicken -
Died today and I am sad.
Carol the Chicken,
The dead chicken.

If a 5 year old could write poetry, this would be it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Peter vs. the Skunk

Early yesterday morning Peter went out to check the chickens. They have been sick recently, and two of them have died, so he checks them frequently.

Once out at the coop he saw something moving in the brush nearby and assumed that a chicken had broken out of the coop. So he started chasing the chicken...until it stuck it's black and white tail straight up in warning. Realizing the imminent fragrant threat he put his hands up and backed away slooooowly.

Later in the evening Hannah, Caleb and I watched the mother skunk from my parents media room while she taught her EIGHT babies how to dig for grubs. It was fascinating! Then we came home and I put them to bed.

Just then Peter called. He was stopped at the gate with Daniel in the car.

"Honey," he said "I'm stuck at the gate. I can't get in."

"What do you mean?" I said, looking out the window seeing his headlights just inside the gate.

"There are two huge skunks and eight baby skunks blocking the way - all with their tails up in the warning position!"

"Well don't get any closer to them. Your car will stink for a LONG time. Why don't you try honking?"

"I don't think it would help. They're practically deaf, you know."

"Yes, but what could it hurt?"

I hear a honk.

A second later, he proceeds down the driveway and walks in the door.

We're not quite sure what to do about this...Anybody know how to eradicate skunk?


Hidden camera moment recently:

Today I went to an all-day scrapbooking event. All day... 9am to 9pm. I didn't go for the whole time, but I did get a lot done!

When I went out to the car, I couldn't get the back hatch of Peter's Explorer to unlock. Frustrated, but remembering that my key doesn't always work in his car's doors, I went around to the front. I stuck my key in the door and the lights came on inside. I started to climb in and reach to unlock all the doors when I realized that someone had left something else in the car since I left it in the parking lot. How strange, I thought, examining the new carseats and toys. Then it hit me. This wasn't our car!

I quickly closed the door and gathered up my gear, and headed over to OUR car - two cars down.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poppy Seeds, and Other Things

The following conversation was relayed to me last night by my mom, who had been making lemon poppy seed muffins with Hannah earlier that afternoon:

Hannah: If I eat one of these poppy seeds, will a poppy plant grow inside me?

Mimi: No. What three things do plants need to grow?

Hannah: Water, soil, and sunshine.

Mimi: Well, you aren't able to get all three of those inside you, so it won't be able to grow.

Hannah: I know! I can drink a lot of water, eat some dirt, and go outside and hold my mouth open to the sunshine for a looooooong time!

What would we do without her?

In other news: Daniel has blessed me immeasurably by taking to potty training like a duck to water. I must admit I have been dreading the whole potty scene for too long, and finally decided that it was going to HAVE to happen before the baby is born. I tried him about 3 months ago, and he didn't seem ready. Now we tried again, and he is a champ. Hallelujah!!!

Also: Caleb has moved to a big boy bed! This is his third day, and I think he is finally sleeping peacefully. He has been soooooo excited that he just lays there grinning and can't sleep. The first night he tried to get up a few times before going to sleep, and was awake and wandering the house crying over his "abandonment in this house!" at 5:45 the next morning (we were all sleeping, of course), but this morning he came right up to find me - at 7pm. Both boys are thrilled to have an "all boys" room. Daniel is proud to be the top bunk resident, and Caleb is just proud to be out of his crib.

And last, but certainly not least: Baby (yet to be named) is a GIRL!!!