Saturday, March 24, 2007

5 Years

Peter and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. FIVE years. Without a doubt, this has been the fastest and most full 5 years of my life, and I think he would say the same for himself.

In 5 years we have moved 3 times, borne 3 children, and (believe it or not) had not even 1 major disagreement. We've been to the other side of the world and back (Italy), but mostly just love our quiet nights at home with our Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. We've lost 4 grandparents, but gained countless new friends. The past 5 years have been full of the gifts and blessings from the Lord.

Oh the memories...

I remember falling in love with Peter. On our first date he set out to find out everything he could about me. Later that night my mom asked me how it went. I told her that I felt like I had been interrogated, and I hoped that he'd come back and see me sometime! Ha! He's so genuine. I still feel honored that he comes home to me every night. He does so much! He is so patient with me, and I have so much to learn. He is a thoughtful leader, and a loving husband, and I just love him.

For our anniversary, we went out to dinner and then (following our anniversary tradition) went to have our wedding rings cleaned while we were out. Here is a photo of us on our porch before we left.

P.S. I looked up the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary, and it is wood. We didn't get each other anything wood. I remember thinking when I was young that getting a piece of driftwood (what I pictured for "wood") wouldn't be very exciting. Who picks these gift ideas?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What Children See

Before I forget, thanks for the responses regarding Saddam Hussein's wives. Kevin's comments were very thorough and well written, as were the email responses we received separately. Thank you all! We have now set the record straight - although I just told her the name of the first/official wife.


Last week Daniel saw a photo of Britney Spears' new look (bald) on the computer screen, and came out loudly exclaiming that Daddy was on the screen. That made for a sad smile. I know nothing about her music, but I can't help feeling sorry for her. She can't even meltdown privately! After Daniel's comment, I added the pop princess to my prayer list. It's a sad day when a two year old mistakes a 20-something year old diva for his dad, based on matching hairstyles.

And speaking of hair...we got a real insight the other day from Hannah's artwork. She drew a very careful and detailed picture that included Jesus, John the Baptist, her friends Eddy, Isabella and Gabriella, and cousins Nicola and Lauren. I'm not sure what caused that grouping of people, but what caught my attention was that Jesus was bald - just like Daddy. I've heard that children project their image of God based on their father (and mother to some extent, but largely their father), but never in my life have I pictured Jesus as bald! (Outside of Daddy and now Jesus, I've never seen her draw anyone else as bald.) It was a good reminder to Peter and I that we're being watched and what we do counts.