Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Listmaker Turns Illustrator

If you know our family, you have probably already guessed by the title who this post features. Yep, the oldest daughter.

She is a listmaker. She likes to know what the rules are. She likes to make the rules. A word to the wise...she doesn't always play by the rules. At a recent Scrabble match, I couldn't figure out how she came up with so many uber creative words when she would occasionally let me see her tile bar, until a few Scrabble tiles slipped out of the edge of her sleeve onto the table! Hannah!

She also took the initiative to surreptitiously hide every last one of her father's birthday presents earlier this month. She did however, make a very nice treasure map for him to locate each present in the house. Then she hung it on the mantle so he could reference it easier. Thoughtful, eh? Notice that we still have no front teeth. (I love this.)

Here is something I found recently in a construction paper notebook. It is a list of school rules, complete with illustrations. I'm not going to post all the artwork, because it takes a long time to upload.

Here's the list of rules...

...and illustrations...

...and translation:

Class Room [Rules:]

1. No fancy ribbons on your pant buckles.
2. No smoking allowed!
3. No reading books except at storytime.
4. No eating or drinking except for an experiment.
5. No alcohol.
6. No high heels.
7. No play swords.
8. No pets.
9. No playing instruments until music time.
10. Do not play or splash the paint.
11. No reading books snuggled into school books.
12. Boys: No bullying.
13. Girls: No bragging about your dresses.
14. No night lights allowed.
15. No funny noises.
16. Sorry, we do not take visitors.
17. Don't wear club shirts.

You'd think our school was run like the military! I don't know where she gets this stuff. I'm just her mom.