Thursday, February 22, 2007

Question of the Day

This came at me randomly from the four-year-old during lunch.

"What was Saddam Hussein's wife's name?"

Does anyone know?

Trial Update

Peter called and the trial has finished. There will not be a ruling for a few weeks, but he feels good about it (and especially to be DONE), so that is good. Tonight we're going out to celebrate. Yippee!!! Hannah prayed for Daddy's trial to "please get over soon" the other day, so I know we've all felt his absence.

Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Our firstborn has been pretending she is someone or something else other than herself. She was a tortoise this morning, slowly clawing her way down the hallway with a large book on her back as a shell. She scares her baby brother when she is a jaguar. She really is 'something else!' as she likes to identify herself.

On Sunday, after church, we put the kids to bed and headed down the hall for some rest ourselves. About an hour later, Daniel (who I know had been asleep before we went to bed) comes down the hall crying "Mommy, help! Mommy, help!" to which Daddy responded immediately.

He arrived down the hall to find Hannah hanging from the waist down off the top of the bunk bed. By the time he got to her, she was rather panicked. Her face was all puffy and swollen, and she had lots of broken blood vessels on her face. He rescued her, calmed her down, and put her back to bed.

When she woke up, still swollen and looking rather bad, we asked her what she had been doing.

"I was a bat...hanging upside down. But then I got stuck, so I woke Daniel up and he went to get you."

"Hannah," we said "did you learn anything?"

"Yes. I will not be a bat again."

Good thing. She was stuck where she couldn't get herself up, and was scared to let go and fall down. Who knows how long she had been that way?

Now we have a moniter in their room too.

Friday, February 16, 2007

What a Day!

My list today included:
1. Pay bills
2. Vaccuum
3. Unpack
4. Ironing

Instead, this is what has happened so far:
1. Leave breakfast half eaten on the table with 3 children in tow (two of which are still in pajamas) to rescue Peter. His car died on the way to court for a trial readiness hearing.
2. Deliver Peter downtown to court. Dress one child in the underground parking garage.
3. Come back to broken car. Meet tow truck man on the freeway off ramp.
4. Go to car repair place and explain the problem.
5. Go to Jamba Juice to have more breakfast. Dress third child. Have nice visit with someone I haven't seen in many years.
6. Go to Petsmart to kill time and entertain kids. Why not make the best of the day and have a field trip?
7. Leave in a hurry to pick up Peter, who is now on the west side of town at opposing counsel's office.
8. Deliver Peter to his office.
9. Come home. Nurse baby. Feed children picnic in the back yard. (Let me insert here that I have decided our backyard is theraputic. I needed it today too!) Come in to clean up breakfast dishes.
10. Notice that it is very quiet outside...
11. Discover children playing in the forbidden sandbox, full of spiders and cat poopoo.
12. Freak out.
13. Bannish everyone to inside for baths.
14. Bathe two children.
15. Put three children to bed.
It's not yet 3:00. We'll see what else we need to do today...

By the way, please keep Peter in your prayers. He is super busy at the office, even without a trial starting on Tuesday. Please pray for clear thinking as he works extra hours and gets less rest time, exercise and sleep, and for me with the kids. It feels like he's out of town even though he's here.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Tonight we are enjoying the sound of the rain outside, marveling at how two days of rain has suddenly painted our property green, and thanking God for the moisture and its part in keeping our well wet. Nature is taking on a whole new meaning these days!

Speaking of nature, the wildlife here has been more than I anticipated. Our first week here I almost had a heart attack when Peter and I saw a red fox hop up and run across our front porch as we drove out one night to Lowe's. A few days later, I was startled by a whooshing sound over my head and looked up to see a giant bird flying away. Chasing it with a baby under an arm, I recognized it was a barn owl! In addition, we've seen a pheasant, California quail, and two bunnies, and that doesn't include the wildlife that we've just heard outside. I didn't realize I was such an urbanite - it has been a wonderful change of life.

We are all very, very happy.