Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy and the Toe Volcano

This is the story of Daddy and the Toe Volcano, which could also be called "Peter, the Best Daddy in the World."

This morning Daniel came into our room with a very bloody big toe. Apparently, he had a corner of his toenail too long, and it had snapped backwards, but not snapped off. He was tough, and wanted a bandaid. It was gross.

I turned away at the sight of it. I set him on the counter by the sink to wash it, but I was just plain repulsed, so I asked if Daddy wanted to help. Daddy came up, and he turned away in horror too. It looked painful. He told Daniel that we were going to need to put some hydrogen peroxide on it.

"Will it hurt, Daddy?" Daniel asked.

"Maybe a little, just a sting, while it gets the bad bacteria out." Peter replied.

"Not as bad as a bee sting, Buddy." I added.

"Yes, and it will do some a volcano!" Peter said.

And that is when the crisis became fun, like 'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.' Thank goodness for Peter.

Yesterday was Daniel's 6th birthday. We only have friend birthday parties every 3rd year for each kid (3,6,9...) and this was Daniel's year. He had his volcano birthday party yesterday. He and Papa spent a week making a very awesome volcano which they had erupt during the party, and we had rootbeer floats that ran over instead of birthday cake.

So when Daddy mentioned the possibility of a toe volcano, it was like he had suddenly been BLESSED with this injury!

Peter gingerly put the peroxide on his toe. It foamed up nastily, complete with Daddy making volcano sound effects. Daniel got in on the sound effects. And before we knew it, the toe volcano had erupted, and was done.

"Can we do it again later, Daddy?" he asked.

"Yes, probably twice a day, until it is safe enough to trim the nail. We'll keep it covered with a bandaid in between times." Peter said.

It made me so glad to be his wife. I would have never thought of that! I'm sure he is the best Daddy in the world.


Andrew said...

I will remember this story for when I am doing my pediatric clinicals.

Gabe said...

Perhaps this is an inside joke, but I have to ask - was the toe volcano in Guam?